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viaggi storici

The Tactical History is a line of products that comes from the passion for history and from the ambition to pass it on to all those who wish to know our past. We organize historical and thematic group trips, visits to museums, events and commemorations to discover an extraordinary Italy, a land of conquest for centuries. Monuments, castles and fortresses testify to the passage of various civilizations and conquerors, from the Roman Empire to the Barbarian invasions, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from the Risorgimento to the Unification of Italy. In addition, military itineraries in the numerous battle sites of the First World War and World War II, which bring to mind the tragedies that have taken place among the testimonies still alive. An association that will make you travel in the most famous museums and cities of our country, but also in less known places, real historical and military pearls of our territory that have written epic pages of history: Magenta, San Martino della Battaglia, the Piave , Asiago, they chase each other in our minds and deserve to be remembered forever and handed down. We will overcome the Italian borders, with themed journeys to the most important historical sites and battle theaters in Europe and the Mediterranean, up to the present day in the places of the Cold War. Tactical history is all this. Historical, thematic or military group trips for all those who wish to visit the places that have marked the history of our country and our continent. Many years of experience at the service of history buffs, schools, historical associations, veterans, and those looking for alternative tourism to make known the events of our past, by heart for our future.

Tour storico a Verdun


prossimamente online

4 giorni/ 3 notti

€ 610

Campi di concentramento e tana del lupo

Campi di concentramento e Tana del Lupo

prossimamente online

5 giorni/ 4 notti

€ 1150

Tour Bastogne e Ardenne 2

dal 12 al 16 dicembre 2019

5 giorni/ 4 notti

€ 880

Tour di Normandia


prossimamente online

8 giorni/ 7 notti

€ 1250